How to Join Myntra Affiliate Program

Myntra! well, Who doesn’t know this brand right! its popularity is proof that how amazing this is, That would be a dream for many fashion bloggers to join, Myntra affiliate, And if you are one of them then you are finally found a perfect place. If you ever tried this so you know that Myntra doesn’t provide direct affiliate, But don’t worry you are in the perfect place.

Today in this guide I will be sharing how can you join the Myntra affiliate and you would be surprised knowing this because it is way too easy. At the end of this post you will get every knowledge you need to get regarding Myntra affiliate, So let’s get started,

What is Myntra Affiliate Program?

Well, I believe you are already aware of the Myntra affiliate marketing program but, Let just recall it Myntra Affiliate Program is a type of revenue sharing where affiliates are paid for every sale they generate. The affiliate receives a commission on the sales he/she generates, which is usually in the range of 1-10% of the order value.

Myntra Affiliate Marketing Program is a free network that provides an opportunity to earn revenue by promoting the site. You earn when someone you send to the site makes a purchase or if someone you invite, who creates an account at Myntra makes a purchase.

Benefits of Joining Myntra Affiliate Program

Well, Before joining anything I am not particularly talking about the Myntra affiliate program but before joining anything it is important to know the benefits of joining that, That is why keeping that thought in mind we have mentioned all the benefits to join Myntra affiliate program, So that at the end you won’t be having second thoughts about it at all, So let’s take a look on the benefits.

Varieties in Products

This thing is no hidden to anyone that Myntra has placed its feet in the market very well, And Myntra is loved by almost every type of person and the reason behind it is that just because Myntra take care of its each and every type of customer. What I exactly mean is that there are tons of products available on Myntra.

No matter the person’s size is S or XXXL Myntra has taken care of everyone, So yeah, Everyone loves to shop from Myntra. And the result of all this is having good traffic on Myntra and yeah a good revenue to you. Isn’t it a benefit?

Top-Quality Customer Support

A top-quality customer support service can help to solve a number of challenges for your business, including providing the best possible customer experience. After all, the customer service you offer can be the one thing that keeps customers on your site and interested in purchasing from you.


Well, I guess that would be the favorite part of most of the people having a commission from the Myntra affiliate program, There is no doubt that Myntra is one of the trusted brands all over India so yeah that is way too obvious that people will come on Myntra to having a good quality of clothes, And yes that is the part where you will get your part of money called commission so yeah! that is a very great benefit if joining Myntra affiliate program.

Best Affiliate Network to Join the Myntra Affiliate Program

Well, We already discussed at the starting of the post that Myntra doesn’t provide a direct affiliate program but hey! do not worry why are we here? We are here to help you out right! We do said that before that Myntra does not provide a direct affiliate program but we did not say that Myntra does not provide any affiliate program.

There is some other website that is linked to Myntra which he’s you to join the Myntra affiliate program, yeah you heard it right! Do not get panic after reading that. Because there are lots of people out there who have used these other websites to joining Myntra affiliate. Trust me there is nothing to worry about.

Here we will discuss those websites that help you to join the Myntra affiliate program let’s get more information about these.

1. AllMarketingMixed

allmarketingmixed myntra affiliate
AllMarketingMixed Myntra Affiliate

AllMarketingMixed is one of the best affiliate networks available for Myntra right now. At AllMarketingMixed you will find the best service and easy payout options. You will also find that the tracking system is much better than the rest of the affiliate networks.

If you are planning on becoming a publisher on the AllMarketingMixed platform then their joining is much easy, you need to fill up the signup form and you will get an email from them with proper details for how their system works for publishers and they will also provide you with the required information to get you started with the myntra affiliate.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f61a18″ size=”7″ center=”yes”  radius=”5″ icon=”icon: unlink”]Join AMM Myntra Affiliate[/su_button]

2. Cuelink

cuelink myntra affiliate program
Cuelink Myntra Affiliate Program

This is one of the best affiliate networks to become a Myntra Affiliate. It provides a high commission structure and numerous possibilities to build your own affiliate site. if you want to earn really high payouts within a short period of time, you can use this network to become a Myntra affiliate. It provides very good tracking features and also provides great support for affiliates who are working with Myntra. It is one of the best affiliate networks to build your own website.

All you need to do is just visit Cuelink’s official website and just click on the signup button and just fill in some important details as it asks just like your name, your domain, etc and after that Boom! you are done. After getting approved just promote the Myntra product and earn more money.

3. EarnKaro

earnkaro myntra affiliate program
Earnkaro Myntra Affiliate Program

Earnkaro is one of the best affiliate networks to become a Myntra Affiliate and it is offered in many other collaborative networks, such as Flippa, Vend, Agora Market, etc. You will get very high payouts if you will promote any products or services on the Earnkaro network. This is a good option for those people who want to promote their own apparel or online services on different platforms. First thing first you need approval fromMyntra once you got the approval then you are good to go.

All you have to do is just visit its official website then just simply signup on to that website and now you can earn money from this.

4. Vcommision

vcommision myntra affiliate program
Vcommision Myntra Affiliate Program

Vcommision is one of the most popular and obviously trusted affiliate networks all over India. There are many you tubers and bloggers who are using this affiliate network to generate their income and yes you can also join this network for joining the Myntra affiliate program.

Well here you need to go to its official website first then signup there once you are done with signup on this website then you need approval and who would give this approval to you, Well DAH! Its Myntra. You have to get approval from Myntra before promoting any of it product. Once you are done with it then go have fun promote its products and earn money from it Bud!

5. Viglink

viglink myntra affiliate
Viglink Myntra Affiliate Program

There is one more affiliate network in the race, Well, Viglink is also a good choice for joining the affiliate network to join the Myntra affiliate program, Simply go to its official website and do signup there and yes here also you need approval from Myntra once Your request has approved you are good to promote its products.

How to Join Myntra Affiliate Program

  1. The first thing first creates a blog and just publish it.
  2. Create content and publish it on your blog.
  3. As you know that Myntra does not provide any direct affiliate program so you have to join another affiliate network to join Myntra affiliate program such as Allmarketingmixed, Vcommission, etc.
  4. Once you got the approval to apply to promote the Myntra product.
  5. Once Myntra approves your application, You create an affiliate link and link on your blog post and earn money from it.

Fee Structure of Myntra Affiliate Program

Well, As every affiliate network is different from another that is why it is obvious that it is a bit different in their commission structure. We want to make you choose the best, So it is our responsibility to give you every knowledge about them as we can so that you can choose which one is best for you. let’s take a look.


Affiliate Network Commission
AllMarketingMixed New user- 4.50%
Vcommission New user- 4.50%
Repeat user – 2%
Cuelinks New User – 3.90%
Old user 1.95%
Viglink New user- 5%
Repeat user 3%
Admitad New user – 5.90%
Repeat user -3%
Earnkaro New user- 5%
Repeat user- 3%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What Is Essential For Joining the Myntra Affiliate Program?

There are some requirements for joining the Myntra affiliate program such as a website, address proof and you must have a bank account to receive payments that is all you need for joining the Myntra affiliate program.

  • Which Affiliate Network Is Best Of All?

Well, Each affiliate network that we mentioned in our post is best, It is totally up to you but if you ask me I would say you should go with that affiliate network which gives you more commission than others. After all, what would be the meaning of affiliate if you won’t get a good conversion rate to it.


Glad to see you at the end of this post, That means you read the whole article. Well, In the end, I would say there are many people who dream about doing affiliate marketing but trust me there are just a few who fulfill their dream because affiliate marketing is not that easy, It requires a lot of passion and dedication to get success in this.

Myntra is giving you an opportunity to achieve your goal, but there is a typical yet important decision that occurs between you and the Myntra affiliate program and that is the Affiliate network. This is really an important decision to make that is why we wrote this post to help people out there who are guideless but talented.

If you are looking for any other affiliate programs such as flipkart affiliate program or godaddy affiliate program, then you can have a look for them on our website, we have various affiliates listed on our website.

We hope you found this post helpful and you found what you were looking at at the starting of the post do share this post with your family and friends so that this post can reach those who need it most. if you have any kind of query or question regarding this post you can simply comment that down we promise that we will reach to you ASAP!

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