How to Join Godaddy Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger or in the digital marketing world, Then it is so sure that GoDaddy is a name that you must have heard in your digital marketing career, And it is a great thought if you are thinking to join the GoDaddy affiliate program, But hey do you know the procedure of it? Do you know that if GoDaddy even provides an affiliate program or not?

If you don’t know much about the GoDaddy affiliate program so here I welcome you to my post where we are going to discuss every important piece of information related to the Godaddy affiliate program which you should know and consider before joining that affiliate platform.

Without any further, let’s get started.

What is a GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

The first thing we need to cover is what a Godaddy affiliate in India actually is. An affiliate in India is an individual, who promotes web hosting services and makes money from these promotions. It doesn’t matter if they are a personal blogger or run a business that promotes GoDaddy services. Either way, they refer traffic to GoDaddy’s website and make money by convincing them to sign-up for a hosting package, in which the affiliate shares their commission with the company.

Why Should You Become a GoDaddy Affiliate?

As you may have guessed from the title, this post is about teaching you how to become a GoDaddy affiliate in India. I want to get you thinking about the reasons a blogger may choose to make money by promoting GoDaddy as a business opportunity.

These are a few of the reasons bloggers choose to promote GoDaddy as their affiliate:

  • They can use the tools and information GoDaddy provides to promote their own website. This lets them explore different options for their blog. If they make the right choices, this can lead to additional income streams.
  • They can make money from multiple web hosting companies with just one affiliate link. This is another great reason why some bloggers choose to promote GoDaddy as an affiliate in India. It allows them to promote multiple web hosting companies and make money from all of them with just one link.
  • They can earn a quick fortune by promoting GoDaddy at the right time. Many people have made great money when they promoted GoDaddy at the right time. When GoDaddy had a promotional offer, you could make a fortune by using affiliate links to promote their services.

Best Affiliate Network To Join The Godaddy Affiliate Program

Well, As you are interested in joining the Godaddy affiliate program then you would have known that GoDaddy does not provide a direct affiliate program but hey do not worry there is some other affiliate network that works as a bridge between you and GoDaddy. It means they provide you a network through which you can join the Godaddy affiliate program.

There are many affiliate networks that claim to be best but guess what, We know at the end of the day most of them are nothing but spam. Here we are mentioning some of the best affiliates networks with the help them. You can easily join the  Godaddy affiliate program.

Let’s dig deep about the best affiliate networks.

1. All Marketing Mixed (AMM)

allmarketingmixed godaddy affiliate program
AllMarketingMixed GoDaddy Affiliate Program

AMM or AllMarketingMixed is a platform which provides with various of affiliate program to join including GoDaddy affiliate program, Which you can join easily and start promoting and earning Godaddy today. All you need to do is fill up their publisher signup form and you will get the approval within some working hours.

If you know how to get leads using a website, email, mobile app, or any other way then you are free to join the All Marketing Mixed network and start your earning with them.

Commission Rate Changes Time to Time
Account Approval Time Approval Needed
Cookies Time As Provided by GoDaddy


2. Commission junction (CJ)

cj godaddy affiliate program
CJ GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Commission Junction is another one of the biggest affiliate networks out there today. They have a decent selection of merchants. The interface is nice and clean but maybe not as easy to use as CJ’s. It Best Affiliate Networks To Join Commission Junction Affiliate Program

They offer an easy-to-use interface that will make it easy to begin promoting products for CJ. it is also quite attractive and easy to navigate.

First of all, you need to visit the official page of CJ then you will see the signup click there and fill in the details which are asked I just mean that register yourself there, then once this is done, But hey it is not done yet, before promoting any of the Godaddy’s service you have to take approval from GoDaddy once you got the approval then you are good to promote that and start earning.

3. Viglink

viglink godaddy affiliate program
Viglink GoDaddy Affiliate program

VigLink is a company that helps publishers to earn money by putting referral links into their content. The company then tracks and monitors this content, and creates a link to each affiliate vendor in the user’s content that the publisher chooses.VigLink is one of the most used affiliate networks due to the number of publishers that use it, and have had great success with it.

All you need to do is go to its official website then signup there and yes it is done, But as I mentioned before that you have to get approval from Godaddy before promoting any of its services on your blog. Once you got the approval then you can earn from it.

4. Cuelink

cuelink godaddy affiliate program
Cuelink GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Cuelink is another old-school affiliate program that will give you the ability to promote any product on your blog. This means that if you want to promote products through your blog, this is the affiliate network for you. It provides very good tracking features and also provides great support for affiliates who are working with Myntra. It is one of the best affiliate networks to build your own website.

In order to register yourself on Cuelink, Just simply go on its official website and then signup then just fill in the asked details. If you have approval from Godaddy then you can promote the service of Godaddy and earn money from it.

How To Join Godaddy Affiliate Program

  • The first thing first creates a blog and just publish it.
  • Create content and publish it on your blog.
  • As we have discussed before that Godaddy does not provide any direct affiliate program so you have to join another affiliate network to join its affiliate program such as Allmarketingmixed, Cuelink, etc.
  • Once you got the approval to apply to promote the Godaddy service.
  • Once Godaddy approves your application, You create an affiliate link and link on your blog post and earn money from it.

What Is Required To Start Godaddy Affiliate Marketing?

There are some important things that are important to start the Godaddy affiliate program, But these all things are nothing but trash if you won’t be able to get approval from Godaddy. Most importantly you have to own a blog, social media page, or youtube channel where you can promote their service if you don’t have any then I don’t think you will get approval. So, If you want their approval so I think it is high time to start a blog or a youtube channel where you can promote their services.

You Just Need These To Start Affiliate Marketing With Godaddy

  • Your mobile number
  • Your email id
  • Website, Blog, Application Social media traffic
  • PAN card
  • Bank details to receive payment

How to Make More Sales From Godaddy affiliate program?

Only joining any affiliate program isn’t enough, You have to do efforts to make that works, It needs a strategy, Here we are mentioning some important and easy ways through which you can make more sales from the GoDaddy affiliate program.

Let’s take a look.

1. Only recommend the services you use

Being honest is the key to making more sales by selling affiliate products If you want to be a successful online marketer, you need to promote products that you personally use.

We don’t recommend hosting a bunch of different sites, but we do recommend you use the web hosting site that you’re but ensure that at least two or three of your websites are run by different platforms. We’ve tested more than 10 web hosting platforms, but we haven’t tried all of them. This is true for us, and we always make sure to use those hosting packages which are most often advertised on our websites.

It’s easy to promote a product you get paid for, but make sure it’s trustworthy and worth it. Therefore, before offering services advice to your audience, make use of the first. It’s better to promote the services you like and use.

2. Write unbiased service reviews

If you want to earn high affiliate incomes, stay unbiased and honest with your product reviews. If you induce your audience to comprehend the potentialities and demerits of utilizing the products you recommend, you can sell your work without compromising your morals.

Pursue your writing skills to create great reviews on the items you prefer to sell. Analyze how your competitors are promoting their products by writing reviews. You can find out if you can make money as an affiliate by looking at other people’s reviews.

Writing unbiased and honest service reviews go a long way. It defines them as successful. We should focus on giving more value to our audience and increasing sales. Then, sales will come naturally.

3. Optimize your site

The website you make or lack will be the most decisive factor in your success. If you want your site to get more sales and rank better for keywords that will make you more money, it’s important to optimize your site.

Some interesting statistics about page speed and website loading times are

  • Only 46% of people don’t like waiting for pages to load. The other 54% say they don’t mind.
  • Sites that refresh in five seconds (compared to those that load in 19) have a 70% longer common patronage period
  • seconds are essential
  • 79% of website visitors who have trouble with website performance say they won’t return to the site to buy again.

Pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9 percent while pages that take five seconds to load have a bounce rate of 45 percent. Watch your page load speed and have an Alexa Rank of 1,000.

Here are a few ways you can optimize your site for more affiliate sales in 2021 and beyond.

a. Optimize for mobiles

Did you know that 49.7% of worldwide web page viewing is done on mobile devices Compared to Western markets such as America as well as Europe?

Are you optimizing your site for mobile? If not, You should make at the earliest opportunity your site mobile responsive You can add a mobile-friendly site with a plugin called WPTouch.

b. Speed up your site

First, check how long it takes a web page to load on your site. Your website speed matters. It’s important for search engine optimization and also can make your site more user-friendly. so you can improve website performance.

You can use tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom tools, etc to easily find out your site loading times.

c. Declutter everything

Having a cluttered sidebar slows down the load time of your site., This applies to: most—if not all—important pages on your website Make them as quick and easy as you can, and remove the intrusive items to produce the best consumer experience.

4. Build and improve trust

Building trust is the KEY for you to increase your web hosting-related affiliate sales. If your audience trusts you, it’s so much easier for you to turn them into customers. Here are some techniques you can use to strengthen your site’s trustworthiness.

a. Write income reports

Income reports are a powerful way to show that you’re trustworthy and reliable.s. If your ads are earning you money, it pays to know what’s working. Include screenshots of how much you’re making from each type of traffic with your reports

You can find ideas on how to write income reports from sites like Smart Passive Incomes. Add only accurate data to your traffic reports and don’t bluff. You will also want to remember that the success.

b. Get testimonials from other bloggers

It’s common for people to use testimonials from other bloggers and influencers to promote their products. They do it so that it appears that I am not wasting my time this quality instills a sense of the legitimacy of my fewer Bloggers who are seen as experts in your field should be able to provide you with good testimonials. If it doesn’t it will do.

5. Use a mix of informative and transactional keywords

So how do we make affiliate sales grow? Affiliate marketers often say that one of the most important ways to increase revenue is to increase the number of visitors coming from search engines like Google.”.

Search engine visitors are the most qualified visitors who will be looking for discounts..

The best way to drive more visitors from search is to use keywords that people are searching for and also incorporating transactional keywords.

Here are examples of both informative and transactional keywords;

  • “How to use iPhone” – informative keyword
  • “iPhone discounts” – transactional keyword

Are you recognizing the dividing line between informative keywords and transactional ones yet?

To put it simply, informative keywords are those keywords that your audience will learn about when they click on your ad. (such as web hosting, an example includes “Bluehost review”) whereas transactional keywords are tools where people look for discounts,(such as “Bluehost hosting discount”).

6. Find out what your competitors are doing

The secret sauce of most successful affiliate marketers is that they have the right strategies on board and they’re executing them at scale.? They do a lot of competitor research.

Marketing analysis is required if you want to increase your hosting affiliate product sales. Competition analysis is all about figuring out your competitors’ strategies. It helps you determine what makes them strong or weak.

Here are a few things to look for while doing competitor analysis.

  • Locate a list of all the web hosting-related items your competition are promoting.
  • Find out what marketing channels your company is using.
  • Follow their email lists to learn how they promote web hosting products, which helps them make more sales. If you have a list of email addresses, find out if they are using any email sequences so you get more ideas on how to use your
  • To discover your competitors top performing keywords as well as for maintaining an expert eye on their income- write 10x better
  • Find your competitors’ SEO strategies to see what kind of link-building and keyword research they’re using. spammers seeking competitive rankings for web hosting products

7. Offer your visitors something extra

If you’re a new blogger and you want to increase your web hosting sales, this tip is for you. It will work like a charm. Offer your readers something extra for free

For example, you could offer the services of going online for free or an installment plan You can make money by referring your visitors to products or services. This way, you and your visitors are all satisfied, which is worth extra work. you can surely increase your sales, even if you are new to the online world.

Why should anyone buy web hosting using your affiliate links instead of someone else? If you could answer that, You can surely make many providers. If you do not know an answer yet, let us make the complication simpler I recommend offering a freebie or discount on your own products or services, you are giving purpose to buy products from you.

8. Use Facebook Ads

We recently ran few advertising campaigns, for a few of these affiliate products. We spent over $300 on Facebook ads. The clicks from those ads to our hosting-related deal pages were decent.

If you take the time to create catchy headlines and offers, Facebook ads will convert more often. That’s a good idea if you’re targeting a specific audience.

9. Landing pages are crucial

if you intend to read for a long time, I’m guessing you’re using landing pages for product pages and deal pages. I don’t think they’re used often for web hosting-related content. There is a reason to utilized landing pages for affiliate products and deal pages. The foremost rationale is that they convert really well.

The average conversion rate across industries is 2.35%. The top 25% of landing pages convert at 5.31% or higher.? Consequently, landing pages always work well for converting visitors into customers.

Here are a few things you should know about landing pages to increase your web hosting sales.

  • The first regulation of a landing page is to provide one offer on the page. When it comes to web hosting, less is more. Multiple offers decrease conversions by up to 266%. Promote one web hosting product and you’ll have better luck. programs.
  • When you’re trying to promote a product, make sure your call to action is easy to see and click on.
  • When performing A/B tests on landing pages, We recommend Crazy Egg as a tool for monitoring where audiences are clicking on your site and what’s working well for you. (so we can make small adjustments to the landing pages we’re using to increase our affiliate web hosting sales).
  • People decide whether or not they want to read your content after reading your headline.

Above all, make sure to keep the important information such as deals and discounts (along with the call to action) above the fold on your landing pages as most people don’t scroll down much while looking for web hosting-related discounts.

You can create stunning landing pages in minutes using Thrive Architect, LeadPages, and other tools. These pages will make it easier to generate web hosting referrals that will improve your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What Is Essential For Joining The Godaddy Affiliate Program?

There are some essentials for joining the Godaddy affiliate program such as a website, address proof and you must have a bank account to receive payments that is all you need for joining the Godaddy affiliate program.

  • Which Affiliate Network Is Best Of All?

Well, Being honest I can’t pick one from all I mean they all are just awesome, But if you ask me then which would be best then I guess which gives you commission the most that are the best.

  • Is PAN Card necessary For Godaddy Affiliate Program?

Well, If you join Godaddy through any affiliate network, Which you will as Godaddy does not provide a direct affiliate program, then a PAN card is not that important. So, Just chill if you are lacking a PAN card still you can join this affiliate program.


Godaddy is not just a company, It is a brand. I mean this brand has provided its service to I guess everybody. So, Joining its affiliate program is a really great idea, But it is quite sad when we gotta know that this platform does not provide a direct affiliate program, Right! But, I guess the affiliate network is leverage for you.

Affiliate networks do their job very well, But we can’t forget that not every affiliate network is good and trustable, Most of them are spam. That is why we wrote this post so that all the newbies out there who really wanna join this affiliate platform but unable to join. Every affiliate network we mentioned is not just great by its feature but these all are trustable too.

Also if you are here to join godaddy affiliate program then I am sure you will also like our Flipkart affiliate and Mytra affiliate program also, have a look at them and check if they fit for you or not.

We hope that you liked our article and you found what you were looking for. Do share this post with your family and friends so that this post can help more people out there. Do tell us which affiliate network you picked, If you have any queries related to this post you can comment that down we will surely reach you.

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