6 Simple Steps To Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

Being a blogger and a digital marketer it is almost every blogger’s dream to rank higher in the google search result, But can everyone is able to this? I guess not, Because there are some factors which you need to take care of, and maintaining DA is one of them. So, Do you know what DA is?

If you think you know then I am asking you again do you really know what domain authority is? how does it work? Does it really helpful in rank higher? how can you increase it? Well, if these are the questions that are dancing in your mind then I would suggest you stay tuned to this post till the end.

In this guide, I will be sharing every detail about Domain authority and will be elaborating on some simple steps to increase your domain authority. Interesting right? So, Let’s get going quickly.

What is the domain authority (DA) of a website?

Well, Before going to further it is important for me to make sure that you know what DA exactly is. So, Do you know? Well, If you do then congratulations! And if you don’t you worry mate just keep reading you will be aware of that word soon. So, the Domain Authority of a website basically a score between 0 to 100 and we know the higher the score is the better result is.

Domain authority of your website basically predicts how higher your website can rank do not even confuse between domain authority and the ranking score given by google that is quite a different google score actually influence your ranking whereas domain authority predicts that how well you can rank on google. Don’t confuse the two.

It is created by Moz, but it’s an approximation of the Google “PageRank” score (from 1 to 10) which measured a website’s credibility. (There is an equivalent in every major SEO software: SEMrush has Authority Score, Ahrefs has Domain Rating, etc.) In other words, the DA depends on the data Moz has about your website which is sometimes not as accurate as what Google knows about your website.

Well, It is pretty normal for a website having low domain authority but ranks high on google.

How is the domain authority calculated?

So, now the question is how can you calculate your domain authority, Where you can calculate is. It’s a pretty easy process According to Moz, they calculate Domain Authority by taking into account a number of signals (40 in total) including:

  • Social Signals (the popularity of your domain and contain in social media networks)
  • The number of incoming links pointing to your website.
  • The quality and relevancy of incoming links
  • Your website’s SEO performance in general
  • The quality and relevancy of incoming links

How to find out the DA of my website?

It is the easiest procedure to perform in this post for finding your website’s domain authority score, All you need to do is go to Moz and open the link explorer, Just find your domain and you are done, just look at the result. It will show the domain authority score of your website. You can see it in the mentioned image as well.

how to find domain authority
How to find Domain Authority

What is page authority?

You must have heard about domain authority a lot of times but did you ever heard about page authority? Do you know what it is? Let’s just take a look at what page authority is, Well, as we can see in its name so here we won’t talk about a whole domain we will just take a particular page authority score.

It is similar to domain authority just we are talking here about a particular page instead of a domain. The given score is a prediction that indicates the strength of a page and how well it can rank on search engines. A website can have a lot of high authority pages that are really helpful in ranking higher in the google result.

Page Authority metrics are incorporated into dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web. In the Moz ecosystem, you can check Domain Authority using Link ExplorerMozBar, Moz’s free SEO toolbar, or in the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer. Authority metrics are also incorporated into all Moz Pro campaigns, as well as our API.

Why Should I Care About Domain Authority?

Domain Authority

So, The question is should you really care about your website’s domain authority? Then the answer will be yes, So, Domain authority is important for your website because as I mentioned it is representative that how you are gonna rank in google search results and who doesn’t wanna rank higher on google. Right!

Domain authority does help to understand your website quality in the views of google you can also see how you compare with your competition ad who doesn’t want to see how his competitors going, According to them, you can prepare your upcoming strategies as well. which is helpful for your website obviously.

Well, I wanna make you understand by a live example so a link from a website with a high authority score on the other hand a link from no authority score what do you think can be more helpful? Well, no doubt the answer would be the link from the high authority so knowing your authority and that of others in your industry will help you determine whom you should target for backlinks and guest blogging opportunities. score website. So, yes these are the reasons why should you care about the domain authority score of your website.

How To Increase The Domain Authority Of Your Website

Well, Till now it must have cleared to you that domain authority cannot be purchased no stolen from another high authority website so all you need is a good strategy to increase your domain authority, and yeah! It is not a one-day work so you have to be patient. Well, it is quite easy to lift your DA till 30 or 40 but when it comes to 50 then the real hustle begins. So let me tell you again this process gonna take a lot of patience.

Let’s get going and discuss the ways through which you can increase the domain authority of your website.

1. Publish Quality Content

First thing first if you really want to goog domain authority score for your website then publishing high-quality content is the first thing you have to do unique and attractive content is important and demanded everywhere there are no second thoughts about it. So, How will you write quality content well for that also you need a great strategy.

It really doesn’t matter how long you write what exactly matters is how unique, relevant and attractive that content is as you must have heard this saying called Content is king well, that is really true. Content is what attracts visitors to your website in the process of making your content attractive you need to use images, GIFs, and videos that will help your content to look more attractive and classy.

Well, We just cannot deny the fact that the good content comes with the appropriate number of words here the appropriate number of words I mean almost 800 words. A long post is more effective no doubt but you just should not deduct your number of words less than 800 words otherwise your website can suffer which is not good in the race of getting high domain authority.

I would really want to give some tips to my dear reader that how can they write quality content on their website all you have to do is just keep some things in mind while writing any content. These things are:

  • Never copy another post and paste it to yours always try to write original content.
  • Try to use synonyms instead of using the same word over and over again.
  • Do not go off-topic and discuss unnecessary things this will create disinterest in visitor mind towards your post.
  • Try to write your content as professionals that is what you are exactly.

2. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is also a factor in the process of increasing the domain authority of your website. It plays a vital role in it. On-page SEO includes some technical factors such as Titles, keyword placements, and keyword density. We are mentioning some things which will surely help you to maintain your on-page optimization.

  • Keyword density- There is really no need to stuff keywords in your post just ignore that and keep your density between 0.5 to 1.5%.
  • Heading tags- Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to highlight main points. It is really important to maintain on-page optimization.
  • Targeted keyword- Firstly just choose a perfect keyword for your blogs I would tell you to use long-tail keywords because they are quite easy to rank try to Use your focus keyword once in the first paragraph of your post.
  • Meta description- Meta description is really important just do not leave it blank your meta description should include your focus keyword in it.
  • Permalink structure- Use a simple but SEO-friendly permalink structure make sure to use your focus keyword in your permalink structure.
  • Write keyword-rich content- It is way too obvious that your post title has to be attractive and keyword-rich try to write your title with the focus keyword that would be better.
  • Image optimization- Optimize your images to boost your SEO status.

If you won’t manage on-page SEO, then it became really hard to rank higher on google for your website it is the best technique to bring visitors to your website and proper SEO will surely increase the domain authority of your website so maintaining SEO is a really important factor.

3. Generate High-Quality Links For Your Website

Well, It is a quite tricky part to do, But it is going to be worth it. Many bloggers do greed here and they end up taking low-quality links to their websites which is really takes no value with it reduces their site’s ranking on google instead of increasing it. You must be wondering what actually do where they do wrong.

All they do is practice the rubbish method. Let me make you understand exactly this.  for example, they generate links using sites like Fiverr and other sites which guarantee backlinks within a few minutes. Let me tell you a secret those links gross. So, here the question arising then what is the correct way to generate high-quality backlinks?

I would advise you to follow these steps which I have mentioned below

  • Share your content on social media: Social media sites holds a good domain authority score, And this part is no hidden that a great number of audience uses social media so if you share your content to social media it may get too many shares, There is a high possibility that your content can be viral too. Do not even a piece of art also needs promotion.
share on social media
Share on Social Media
  • Guest posting: It is one of the best ways to increase the domain authority of your site and this is my personal favorite too. Well, It is also true that nowadays you just cannot trust only guest posting for increasing the domain authority do not use guest posting as the only way to get links on your sites because that would be useless but still, guest posting is effective and useful if it can be used in a systematic and appropriate way If you want to make the most out of guest posting, then you should follow these points:
  1. Think outside the box and create insanely good content.
  2. Try to use relevant links
  3. Try to post on high authority site as much as you can
  4. Avoid link stuffing as it can affect your site’s ranking. And you may get penalized.
  5. Only post on related topics as the site where you are planning to post.
  • Content is the natural link builder: If you can write attractive unique high-quality content with rich information and easy to read and understand then I don’t think there is any better option to increase the domain authority of your website. So, Just try to write more and more high-quality content.

4. Reject Bad Links

In the process of gaining good quality links it is much more important to remove bad links as well, I mean you just cannot collect garbage to your site. It is important to remove bad links from your website on the daily basis. Many bloggers don’t do it on the daily basis they don’t find it useful at all.

It is essential to keep your website clean and garbage-free if you don’t pay attention to this and don’t reject bad links to your website regularly then it will harm your website slowly which results in losing the ranks in the google search results. It is way too obvious then it will affect your domain authority score as well.

If you really want to increase the domain authority of your website then I would highly recommend you remove the garbage I mean remove bad links from your website and generate high-quality backlinks to your website which will result in a higher rank in the google result and it will increase the domain authority score of your website.

5. Be Patient And Let Your Domain Grow Old 

As I have mentioned earlier if you wanna increase the domain authority score of your website then you have to have patience well, The older your site is the more possibility is there to have a good authority score to your website all you have to do is keep your site active and have to publish quality content from time to time.
If you just started a blog or your website is just a few months old then I would suggest you not worry about your domain authority score just keep publishing attractive, unique, and high-quality content to your website then the domain authority of your website will grow slowly as the time passes.
Domain ages are a very important factor in SEO. I am definitely not saying that your new website cannot get a high ranking in the google search result obviously it can. But in the matter of getting a high domain authority score, you have to be patient and let your website grow then it will surely increase the domain authority score.

6. Increase Publishing Frequency

Increasing publishing frequency is also a very effective way in the race of getting a high domain authority score now, You must be wondering how often should you blog? Righ! Duh! I asked it myself too when I just started my career so the answer is you should blog daily. Well, I know it is quite hard to do.

It is quite next to impossible to post regularly but it is the ideal period of time between the two posts if you do blog regularly then increasing the domain authority of your website would be easy. Domain authority surely increases if you post regularly but what if you don’t so if you don’t post content from time to time you will see decreases in the domain authority score.

There are other benefits too of posting regularly and those are:

  • Higher traffic, higher revenue, higher page rank.
  • Lots of quality content to link to.
  • Improve writing skills
  • Convey a positive image to your visitors of you
  • Generate trust among visitors
  • Increases conversions and sales.

It is not every blogger’s area to post regularly I get it but if you can do this I would highly recommend you to post regularly to your website. The more you often post on your blog the more you get traffic to your website which is beneficial not for anyone but you. So it is a win-win situation for you anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

  • Should I really care for my website’s DA?

It is important to get a high domain authority score as you can compare it to your competitors and then strategize your next steps as well, But do not be so obsessed with your website domain authority score  It’s just a number that shows how strong your domain is, compared to other domains that exist in the Moz database.

  • Is it worth it to spend my time and energy on increasing the DA of my website?

Well, Absolutely yes, It is totally worth spending your single minute and energy on increasing the DA of your website It shows your domain quality in google views.

  • Should I care about my website’s PA as well?

Well, You should care about your website PA but let me tell you maintaining PA is all about one particular page of your domain whereas maintaining domain authority score is all about your whole domain, So now you tell me which should you take care of more? Well, obviously it’s domain but you cannot just ignore PA as well. Increasing your PA will help you to rank that page higher along it helps in increase your DA too.

Wrapping up

Well, It good to see you at the end of the post. it clearly means that you read the whole article. Nowadays people just don’t focus on their domain authority score but this is as important as anything else in the blog. Considering this we wrote this post to help the people who really want to increase the domain authority score of their website but due to lacking great strategy they cannot.

We mentioned almost every aspect every way through which you can increase the domain authority score of your website who doesn’t wanna rank higher in the google search result but unfortunately, they cannot, But by following mentioned way not only you can increase your domain authority score but can rank higher in the google search result as well.

We hope you found what you were seeking at the starting of the post and we hope you will follow mentioned way in the process of getting the high domain authority score of your website. It is quite a long process that is why I would ask you to keep calm and patient just follow the mentioned ways and your domain’s high authority score will not be a dream for you anymore.

If you found our post helpful and liked our article share as much as you can with your family and friends do not forget to share with us that part of the post you liked the most. If there is anything in the post on which you have a query about do not hesitate to ask that in the comment box we will surely reach to you ASAP!

Keep blogging and keep ranking.

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