6 Easy Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic in 2021

Starting a website is not a big deal nowadays and with the help of WordPress, starting a website is just like a cup of tea, But When it comes to bringing traffic to your blog, that is really a tricky challenge. So, Are you facing this problem? Do you also want to increase your blog traffic? If yes, then this post is something you really need right now, and congratulations! You found the right place.

Well, Making a blog is quite easy but maintain that is not a piece of cake but following a good strategy can make you a guru in this. All you need to do to focus on 50% of your time on content creation and the rest 50% on promoting your content, and then there are high chances that your blog will achieve success.

Well, there are some amazing ways to follow them. No one can stop your blog from increasing traffic, but the condition is you have to take care of your blog and apply these ways wholeheartedly. So, With keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at each way to increase your blog traffic. Are you ready? Let’s start.


There are those 10 ways by following them you can easily increase your blog traffic very easily. Just be seated and keep scrolling.

1. Find good topics by using keyword research 

It is an easy task to write content on a topic, but d you know how many people are really interested in that topic? Is there any good number of people who are even interested in that topic to read to? Well, It is essential to choose the right topic to write a post about. Otherwise, that post s such a waste, and that post is not gonna bring traffic to your blog.

If we are talking about keyword research, it is impossible to mention few names such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. You can easily use them to discover the number of monthly searches for a particular blog. You can easily find the difficulty level to rank for any particular keyword.

If you use this way correctly, I mean if you search for a good keyword to write a post about, then it is surely gonna bring traffic to your blog. Just make sure that keywords should not be in high competition. Once you search for a good keyword to write a post about then you need to maintain some things while writing your post, such as its title, Meta description, etc.

2. Try to write evergreen content

Well, Are you understanding the word evergreen here? If yes, then congratulations! If no, then don’t worry. Just keep reading for a while. So, Evergreen content means to write that content that lasts google long. Well, Let me give you an example, so imagine you are writing a post about this year’s Oscar nomination. On the other hand, you write a post about a list of classic melody songs, So do you think the oscar nomination post gonna lasts compared to the classic melody song post. Obviously, the list of classic melody posts gonna last long.

So, now you all are aware of the word evergreen content, So try to make your content evergreen so that your post gonna lasts soon, and surely it will help you to generate traffic to your blog. As a blogger, you should make sure to write your content unique and evergreen as well; unique content is gonna attract new users to your website, which gonna bring traffic.

In the process of writing unique content, I will give you a small piece of advice that you should make sure that your headline is more attractive than the actual post because that is what which gonna attract people. So, focus on evergreen content and on writing unique content for your users.

3. Keep your content fresh by updating existing posts

If you are a bit familiar with the blogging world that you must have heard that how important it is to update your existing post with fresh content it helps you to generate new traffic and that is gonna increase traffic to your website. All you have to do is update your existing post with some quality content and your post is updated. Was that hard?

You should do this from time to time even I do this personally on my blog and yes this is very effective. It gives the message to Google that your every post is as fresh as new. Well, By posting new content in your post becomes lengthy and that is also a positive point. A long post is considered good in google results.

So, I would give you my personal advice to you that do not hesitate to update your post again and again. It will only give you better result so you should update your post from time to time just make sure that the content your write must be best from the quality and yes from quantity as well.

4. Make your post attractive by adding images

From the starting of this post, I keep saying that make your content attractive and unique because that is what attracts people towards your post. What does it mean by making your post attractive? Well, If you are thinking that adding images then yes my friend you are absolutely right!

I personally think that it is really important to add images to our posts. Now, If you ask why then there are some reasons for this such as:

  • Gives sense that what is your post exactly about.
  • Helpful in ranking in google search result.
  • Make your content look authoritative

These are the reason why you should need good images to make your post attractive and classy but there is a catch! I mean you need to take care of some things, and that is just making sure that which image you are using in your post should not be too large in size because a large size image is gonna take time while loading, And that is really gross.

The second thing you should take care of is to make sure that the image you are using that doesn’t have any license or copyright issue otherwise you are gonna end up with giving thousand of dollars as fine. So, Yeah there are these two things that you have to take care of other than this you can easily use images and bring good traffic to your blog.

5. Generate backlinks

Have you ever heard of backlinks? Well, That is a very effective way to bring traffic to your blog. So, here the word backlinks mean link on another website pointing to your website. This is a very effective SEO ranking factor in Google. According to google the more backlinks you have the more authority your blog has.

Generate backlinks is not too hard. But are you thinking is there any price of getting these backlinks so I would say or a no! Confused? So, there are both ways you can generate backlinks but I would say paid backlinks are too much better than free backlinks. So, Yeah following this way also you can easily bring traffic to your blog.

6. Increase your social media presence

Well, Nowadays I don’t think that anyone can even ignore social media, If your company is ignoring it that can be a very big mistake that gonna affect your blog. Social media usage is increasing day by day rapidly. Well, now most of you will think that we do have a Facebook account but that is not enough my dear.

There are more platforms on which you should have an active presence and these platforms are:

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Snapchat
  4. Youtube

Having an account is also not enough you need to post content on a daily basis. Well, It is quite obvious that a person who is following your brand on any social media platform that person maybe not visiting your website, But you can do one thing you can post links to your social pages with the intention of driving traffic directly to your website.

Constantly posting links on your social media platforms is surely gonna help you to get leads and this will help you to bring traffic to your website. So, Are you still agree that having an account is enough??

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which way is most affecting to bring traffic to my blog?

Each and every way is too effective but if you ask which one is best I would say generate backlinks is most effective to bring traffic to your blog but let me tell you I am talking about paid backlinks on a good authority website. If you do this that will surely help you and you will see a drastic change soon.

Are these ways really effective?

If you ask me I would say a big yes, But there is a piece of good advice for you that you should try these ways by yourself and then you should see are these ways really effective or not.


Making a website is way too easy but bring traffic to it is even that hard. We do know the struggle of a newbie that is the reason I thought to write that post to help those newbies out there. I hope you found what you were looking for at the starting of the post. All ways are very easy and every newbie can easily try each one.

Do not forget to share this post so that you can help some more newbies out there. If you have any queries related to this post do not hesitate to ask in the comment section we will surely reach to you ASAP!

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