How To Hire A Blogger To Promote Your Business

Do you want to introduce your work to a big audience? Do you want to spread your work all over? Do you want to make your content unique and classy? If yes then, It is obvious that the thought of hiring a blogger for your blog has absolutely crossed your mind at least once. After all, It’s in trend to hire a blogger to promote your business. It seems to very beneficial to them too.

So, Is it worth for? What is exactly the process of hiring a blogger? Are there any advantages of it too?  I am sure there are many questions that are diving into your mind right now.

We are here to answer each and every question which is teasing your mind, Let’s elaborate some more.

Do you Need A Blogger To Outsource your Blog?

Now the question of the day, Do you really need a blogger to outsource your blog or you are just going with the trend? How do get the answer to this question? Sometimes all we need is to give some attention to our business nothing else, Do your business need that too or a blogger let’s find out. When it comes to content writing you need some major factors and those are

1. SEO mastery

SEO is just the backbone of your bog. SEO is the most major factor in your business. You should have some basic knowledge of SEO to maintain your blog. Are you capable enough to reach your art to the right people? If you have doubt about this you should really go for outsourcing blogging.

2. Quality of content

Well, We already know that number of words are really important when it comes to writing a blog with SEO friendly nature. There is a saying called Quality is much more precious than quantity. It is important to write the appropriate number of words but it is more important when it comes to the quality of the content. There should be no compromise in this.

3. Update the blog from time to time

Maintaining a blog is as important as feeding yourself. It is really necessary If you cant maintain your blog due to your tight schedule then my advice for you is to outsource your blog.

Advantages To Hire A Blogger

It is really sane to have knowledge about stuff you are gonna do What I exactly mean is that if you want to hire a blogger to promote your blog you should have proper knowledge about that too. Knowledge does include having knowledge about the advantages of hiring a blogger as well.

So, here are some major advantages to hire a Blogger.

1. Saves time

As we all know we all are busy in our day-to-day life and we barely get a minute free So, What is better than having some free time for yourself. Hiring a blogger is not a so big deal. Well, It is a really great and sane idea. All you have to do is give the blogger a brief intro or understanding of your business so that blogger can relate himself to your business and give you the whole outcome.

Once he is familiar with your business then all you need to do is just email him your topic of the article and he will surely give his best to it. Where he would be chasing his mind to make your content more attractive you can make strategies to growing your business. He will write some great content for your business that will promote your blog for sure and you will utilize your free time in taking your business to another level. It is a win-win situation for you.

2. Gives you a different perspective

It is a human tendency that we think others are below us. If we doing a business e thing the other person knows nothing about it and this is where we do our biggest mistake. You never know that if others are just one step ahead of you.

When you hire a blogger to promote your blog you get a totally different perspective but on the same blog. It is good to have different kinds of perspectives it helps you grow. An experienced Blogger will judge you honestly and give his perspective about your blog and he will also tell you where you need to work hard and he will also give you interesting topics to write on.

3. Hiring blogger is pocket friendly

I have been in his market for a long time and I have observed that there is a myth that people think Hiring bloggers will eat up a big amount. As I said the Myth, It simply means that is not absolutely true. You can easily hire a blog to promote your blog with a happy pocket.

What Type of Content Writer Do You Need?

Now, That is a tricky question what type of content writer do you need. Do you have the answer to this question? If your answer is no, then do not feel down at the end of this topic you will surely know what type of content writer you actually need.

Well, We just cannot give anyone to write content for your blog, Right? Actually, it is a hunt to find a writer who can understand your niche or can relate to your blog. You should remember some key points before hiring someone. those will surely help you to hire a person who can give you an amazing outcome.

  • What is the exact experience of the blogger you are thinking to hire?
  • Does anyone recommend that particular blogger?
  • How skilled is he?
  • Can he really help you to achieve your goals?
  • does his writing style match your blog or your brand?
  • does he have real knowledge?

this is my personal advice for my dear readers Do not forget to ask for an example post before your hire someone. Trust me this will surely help you.

Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

Do you know what is the meaning of a ghostwriter? Well, Let’s make you understand with a situation, So, How will you feel when someone would erase your name and put his name on your post? Now that is called a ghostwriter even big celebrities do that.

Well, Ghostwriting is really a controversial topic there are two sides one who says it is okay to do ghostwriting. There is nothing wrong with this after all they are paying writers. The other side says it is quite dishonest to give your name to a piece of art that is not actually yours.

Well, Writing is an art, and not every person is an artist, my dear. If you ask me I would say if you are not an artist in writing then you should go for ghostwriting and according to me, all that matters to readers is the quality or the knowledge of the content, not the name who put that post actually.

How to find a perfect blogger for your site?

Now, This is the question that will surely tease your mind that how will you actually find a perfect blogger for your site. It is obvious that you need not a good blogger but the best blogger for finding a perfect blogger you have to keeps some things in your mind and these things are

  1.  Quality: As I mentioned before quality matters more than quantity. Best way to find the best quality blogger to ask for a sample post before hiring anyone from a sample post you can easily judge his work and can decide whether you want to hire that blogger or you should pass.
  2. Attractive and unique content: It is the major aspect of any perfect blogger to create a piece of art. His content should be attractive and unique as well, If his content won’t be attractive nor unique no user wants to read the same content again and again. There would be higher chances that won’t promote your business.
  3. Language: No doubt Blogger should have a high command of language. It enhances the writing skills of any person.
  4. Ghostwriting: Yes, You heard right! I remember I said that is a controversial topic but in the same place ghostwriting gives your readers a positive look towards your blog. On the other place if you give post credit to your hired blogger reader would think that being the owner of that blog, You don’t have enough knowledge as that blogger do. That is why I said ghostwriting is important to find a perfect blogger.
  5. Price: We know if we want to buy or hire something there are much varies according to the budget of ours. That exactly applies here if you have a small budget in starting go for a blogger who will charge less. As we know bloggers charge for the number of words they will write in the post.
  6. Experience:  Experience makes a man perfect. We can say experience makes a blogger perfect the more the experience the best that blogger will be. Experienced blogger will have tons of knowledge and he would easily relate himself to your business
  7. SEO knowledge: Last but not least and most important factor for finding a perfect blogger. SEO knowledge is something that everyone who is in that market should have. Being a blogger that makes it more important to have some basic knowledge of SEO so that he can write content SEO-friendly.

These points I have mentioned just keep that in mind while finding a blogger for your business and then you would not do any mistake I am sure.

Where to Find a Blogger To Hire

Now, You know how to find a perfect blogger, Right! what from where you will find them? will they just appear to you? will you have to go and find them? Well, Will, you have to find them so the answer is yes, But that is not that complex as you think. There are some ways through which you can easily can contacts lots of bloggers, So, Let’s see what those ways actually are,

1. Fiverr and Upwork: These two platforms have tons of freelancers on themselves, All you have to do is filtering through the bloggers and identifying the right individual, As I said there are tons of bloggers so now the responsibility comes on you how will you find the perfect one out of them, For finding the perfect one I think you do remember the keypoints now, so that would not be a really big deal for you.

2. Post a job ad: Posting a job ad is interesting and effective as well, There are some sites like ProBlogger charge fees for posting a job ad on their blog, But it will surely worth it if you want to find a perfect blogger that can promote your business.

Make sure while making your ad you would keep mentioned things in your mind,

  • Your ad should not be too vague and have to explain your content requirements.
  • Should not be too long.
  • Your ad should be specific and you have to be sure with your ad what you exactly want from that blogger you will hire. Do not forget to specify which type of blogger you want to hire such as technical blogger or beauty blogger etc.

To attract the Right applicant you have to maintain these mentioned points.

3. Through social media: Have you ever heard about Linkedin? If no then let me tell you, It is a social platform just like Facebook, On Linkedin, you can easily find a perfect blogger according to your niche, You can also post there for hiring a blogger. There are tons of freelancers available there and you can easily contact them and can judge which one is appropriate for your work.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is ghostwriting really dishonest?

Well, That is really a controversial topic and as we have discussed before there are two sides to it. I personally think ghostwriting is not dishonest. That is just business is you know.

Is it worth hiring a blogger?

If you are not so good writer or you don’t have much time to write content then you should hire a blogger and Yes! that is obviously worth it. You would surely see some positive effects after hiring a blogger to promote your blog.

Which platform is best to find a perfect blogger?

As we have discussed there are many ways such as Fiverr, Upwork, Posting ad, and Linkedin, These all are the best platform form where you can easily find an appropriate blogger for your blog. If you ask me which one is my personal favorite then I would say that is Linkedin, Otherwise, there is no competition among them.

Should I hire a freelance blogger or a full-time blogger?

Well, That is totally your choice if you like any freelance work you can hire him as a full-time blogger as well, or if you only want to make him write only one or two posts you should go for a freelance blogger, That totally depends on your requirements.


Glad to see you at the end of the post, It simply means you have read our whole article, Hiring a blogger to promote your business is not a cup of tea it requires efforts and if you put your efforts into a good direction that results in great, That is what we tried with our post to give you that direction through which you can easily find a blogger for your blog.

We have mentioned almost every aspect like how can you find the perfect blogger, where you would find a perfect blogger, and many more this instruction will surely help you in the future whenever you will want to hire any blogger.

We just hope you found what you were kept finding and found our post helpful, If it is so then do not forget to share this post with your family and friends and if you have any queries do not hesitate to ask in the comment box we will surely get to you ASAP!

Keep updated for our further posts.

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