How to Remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from Footer

Are you a WordPress user? We must admit WordPress is an amazing thing that has ever happened to every newbie blogger, Well, We all like WordPress until you notice ‘Proudly Powered By WordPress’. It seems quite unprofessional when we see this copyrighted text on our WordPress Website.

So, You must be thinking are there any chances to remove this copyrighted text from the footer? Let me give you the good news that there are ways through which you can easily remove this copyrighted text. Well, If we talk about premium themes on WordPress so There are editing option through which you can remove this but thing gets complex if we go towards free themes.

So, In this post, we are gonna talk about some amazing methods through which you can get rid of this copyrighted text very easily.

Is It Legal to Remove The Default Footer Link in WordPress?

We talked about removing that copyright text from the footer but did this thought come to your mind even first that is it even legal or not? Now, Do not give stress to your mind by thinking about it because I have already researched about it and Yes, It is totally legal to remove the default footer link in WordPress, As we already know about WordPress that is free software and licensed under GPL. That license gives you the full right not only to edit but to redistribute it. So, do not hesitate to edit anything in WordPress.

How To Remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” Footer Link?

Now, here we are on the most awaited part of this post where I am gonna share that method through which you can easily remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” footer link. All those methods which I am gonna share are so easy to perform that you won’t feel any difficulty while applying any of them. You can easily use these methods even if you don’t have much knowledge about coding or technical skills. All you need is just a bit of patience and focus.

Let’s see each method in brief.

Method 1: Using the Theme Customizer Option

Firstly the easiest way to remove that copyright text is using a customizer panel. Being a WordPress user we are already aware of the fact that most of the WordPress theme comes with an option to change the text from the customizer panel of the website no matter that theme is paid or free theme. To do that all you need to do is log into your admin console and then go to “Appearance > Customize“.

Customize in WordPress

You’ll reach into the customizer panel, then you need to go layout settings, If you don’t find this option search for the footer section. Once you have done that you will see an option to change the copyright text, And yes we reached our destination so easily, Now, You can change it to anything you feel like.

Method 2: Editing Theme’s Footer File

This method is very common and yes very easy as well despite being common and easy this method is as effective as any other method. You can easily remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” by using this method. The coolest thing about this method is this works on every theme including the free ones as well.

Well, Spoiler alert for those people here who are not good at coding but don’t worry that is why here we are helping you with every step. You do not need to hesitate even a little. First thing first, Just log into your WordPress admin and directly go to Appereance>theme editor as you are able to see in the image.

theme editor in wordpress

Once you enter in the theme editor section select that particular theme which you want to edit from the upper right corner and then just click on that file named “footer.php”. 

Edit Theme In WordPress

Now, You will find that “Proudly Powered by WordPress” text and yes now you can easily edit that or change that into anything you want to. Just a piece of advice do not edit coding if you are not a pro otherwise you will surely regret doing that.

Method 3: Using Free WordPress Plugin

So here we are with our third method of removing “Proudly Powered by WordPress” text from the footer. Well, Just in case you don’t know there are various of plugin available in the market which allows you to change that text into whatever you feel like. Is it amazing Right!

Well, Spoiler alert my friend, Yes these plugins are easy to use but some of them consume a lot of server resources and if you don’t have good quality hosting on a good server then this can be dangerous to your website this can reduce your website’s loading speed and we all know that is really gross.

But still, your heart is saying yes to this method then I would suggest you use an amazing plugin named  Remove Footer Credit. It is a really amazing plugin and user-friendly as well it is really popular as well which proves it is trustable too.

Remove footer credit WordPress plugin

This plugin is easy to use and it allows you to remove any type of text from the footer and the good news is it works on every existing theme on WordPress.

Once you installed and activate this plugin just simply visit Tools>Remove Footer Credit and you will find the place you want to see I mean the option to remove that copyright text.

Once you click on the Remove Footer Credit option you will see two boxes the first box will ask you to enter the text which you want to remove from your WordPress website and in the next box you need to write whatever you want to show instead of that copyright text. Once you are done with that you will see changes in the frontend.

Method 4: Using Custom CSS Code

Last method but not least through which you are gonna get rid of that copyright text from the footer. Well, This method is not actually gonna remove that copyright text but hide that on your website. It is goona visible to us but it remains available on your website in the source code.

To hide that all you need to do is copy and paste that code which I have shared here in the “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS“.

#copyright, .site-info {
display: none;

By using this code we are commanding our website to hide that specific text .site-info class using the display: none; option.

There is a minor change this code won’t work for you well, In that case, I would advise you to open a support ticket and contact any theme developer and get it solved by him or to find the copyrighted class which is being used by your theme and replace them with the .site-info class we shared above.

How to Find the Class/ID of Copyrighted Text?

Well, It is really easy to find the copyright class or ID but just in case you are not pro in this all you need to follow this method to find the copyright class or ID.

Firstly, you need to visit your website and right-click on the copyrighted text then just shoot on the “Inspect Element” option. It will open the developer console of your browser.

Find proudly powered by WordPress using inspect

Once the console is opened, Your work is to find copyright class or ID just before the starting of the copyright section. Well, As far as I know in most cases. you’ll find the class/ID in the <div> section of HTML code.

For eg.

In my case I found the class named footer-copyright using inspect, as the name of the class depends on the theme to theme. So I will change .site-info to .footer-copyright in above example(don’t forget to add dot before the class name).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Removing “Proudly Powered by WordPress” Harms Me in Anyways?

Well, Generally it is absolutely not an issue to remove to footer credit of the theme you are very free to edit or remove anything you want to. But, Just in case you are using any kind of free plugin from any third-party website. Do not forget to read carefully their terms & policy page or contact their support.

Is it really legal to remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from our website?

As we have already told you that is totally legal so my answer will still remain the same. You have the full right to edit or remove anything you want.


We have shared the easiest method through which you can easily remove that copyright text. We hope you found our post helpful and it will help you to remove that copyright text from your website as well. Please do let us know which method you opt for and which one you really liked. If you have any queries related to this post feel free to comment in the comment section.

Do not forget to share this post with your family and friends and loved ones. Keep updated for our further posts.

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