How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook in 2021 (The Best 3 Methods)

Are you an affiliate marketer? then you surely know that affiliate links are meant to be promoted, right? so, why lose any chance of promoting affiliate links. Facebook has become an unbreakable part of our daily routine. What can be better than promoting our affiliate links on Facebook? but do you really know how to promote affiliate links on Facebook?

If you are searching for a guide for promoting affiliate marketing on Facebook in an appropriate way then I welcome you to my blog post, because today that is exactly what we are gonna discuss. So, let’s get started.

Before getting to the main soul of this post I want you to get a little warmup by taking a look at some basic rules of Facebook very quickly.

Rules that you must follow to promote affiliate links on Facebook?

There is no doubt that you are free to promote your affiliate links on Facebook but everyone has to follow rules, Rules are something that makes us perform well, so yeah you have to follow some rules in order to promote affiliate links on Facebook.

Facebook is all about user experience. Those who are interested in those products you are promoting only then your ad can reach them, and if users are buying your products via Facebook ads and they won’t get the result they were promised then not only you will lose users respect but also Facebook will also not trust you again with your products.

It is really important to follow Facebook guidelines. You better not think of Facebook as a fool, Facebook is way too smarter than you. Fake promises in your ads are totally unacceptable on Facebook. Just try to avoid those specific promises in your ads such as buy this product and get results in few minutes. Ads will do nothing but make your ad reject and who knows even banned also.

Well, according to Facebook guidelines it is also very important that you must mention that you are promoting your affiliate link via this ad so that users can get more information which is obviously good for them. For eg there are many posts that mentioned #affiliatelink for disclosure, this helps them to maintain the FTC guidelines in their promotion, you can also try that.

In order to focus on Facebook, guidelines let’s not forget that affiliate links can also have some guidelines that you have to follow, for eg you cannot promote Amazon, Flipkart affiliate links on Facebook as it is against their guidelines.

Why Promote Indirectly?

Would you ever agree if I ask you to buy my products from nowhere? well, you clearly won’t. As simple promoting is as boring it is. I mean no one would agree to buy from this simple and direct affiliate link, apart from this I have also never seen the direct promotion on Facebook yet. have you?

Promoting indirectly is your best shot and obviously, it is more effective too. It would be really helpful if you attract a number of audience to your informative content where you can tell more about your product such as benefits and details and so on. It will help users to find your product promising and then obviously they can buy your products.

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook?

Question of the day has come, how to promote affiliate links on Facebook. There are some ways through which you can easily promote your affiliate link on Facebook but all the ways are indirect as they are more effective. No matter you are promoting your links for free or you are putting your money in Facebook ads it is really important to gain some trust first before selling your products.

If you successfully build a community then it is very sure then it will increase your conversion and clicks because people who would follow you would be a part of your page or group and they would trust you so here you can also apply for direct promotion because they trust you and they will buy what you recommend them directly too.

Let’s take a look deeply at the ways through which you can promote your affiliate links.

1. Facebook Page

You must have heard of Facebook pages this can be really effective but only if you own any website. You can easily update your audience with your fresh content and yes that includes affiliate links and you can generate more conversion. If you do not have any website yet then I don’t think there is any use in starting a Facebook page.

There is no chance that your page will start generating conversion if you have no website. Let me give you an example if you are a fashion blogger and promote fashion products then you can easily start a page and then you can start posting fashion products images. People will like your page because they will like that image not only for your affiliate link. This will help people to trust your Facebook page and then it will be easy to recommend products to your audience and they will buy that because they trust you.

You must have seen many Facebook pages promoting their products with the help of their niche content and these pages are doing really good. So, why not you. I highly recommend you to start a page if you really want to promote your affiliate links on Facebook.

Benefits of promoting affiliate links on Facebook pages

You must be thinking about what are really benefits of creating a Facebook page and investing your time and money into it so it is really important for you to know that there are some other benefits to start any Facebook page. Let’s take a deep look at the benefits you will be getting after promoting your affiliate links on Facebook. so, Let’s get started.

  • Creating a community
  • Attract organic likes and follows with value-added content.
  • Build a positive relationship with your followers.
  • Your audience keeps updated.
  • Increase conversion and clicks.

2. Facebook Groups

Who doesn’t love Facebook groups you must have been part of many Facebook groups. Facebook group can be proved a great asset in order to promote affiliate links on Facebook. I bet you must have seen thousands of groups related to only one topic lets take fashion, you must have seen thousands of groups only on fashion where you can see many posts related to fashion, won’t it be easy to find people from these groups who would be interested buying your products.

Well, Joining groups are good but you just can’t keep joining any kind of group and post your affiliate links this can be really bad to you because this can be against group rules and you can get even banned because of this. You just can’t post your affiliate link directly on any group.

As we kept saying from the starting of this post that indirectly promoting is your best shot so here also I will say the same that you can easily promote your affiliate link but in indirect style, lets just take an example if you want to sell fashion products you can easily write an article on beauty tips and then you can mention your affiliate links in that article, with the help of this your readers will get informative tips and they will trust you as well, which will result in a good conversion rate.

There are many groups that allow you to post your affiliate links in an article whereas there are many groups which not allows you the same so it is important to read rules before joining any group. Now you must be thinking that you want to promote your affiliate links on Facebook, but you don’t have any website then it is quite hard to say that you can earn a lot of money because you cannot, so it is better to have a website first.

If you do not have a website then I have a great idea for you, you can make a group then you will be admin of that group once you build a community then you can pin your article having your affiliate link so that everyone whether the person is new or old in your group can see your article and then they can buy your products, and the best thing is you don’t have to worry about getting banned by anyone.

It sounds great right? but yeah it is not that easy how it sounds it takes time most of all it takes effort but once you build it it will get really easy for you to promote your affiliate links.

Benefits of promoting affiliate links on Facebook groups

  • Build community.
  • A healthy relationship with readers.
  • Gives more information to your readers
  • You can make your own rules in your own group.
  • Increase conversion and clicks.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the best and easy way to promote your affiliate link on Facebook because you don’t need a Facebook page, the Facebook group even you don’t need any website to promote your affiliate links via add but this way of promotion can be a little costly for you. Facebook provides you with many targeting options like demographics, interests or behaviors, etc.

If you promote beauty products, you can show your ad solely to women who have expressed an interest in beauty products or who are, for instance, frequent buyers. You don’t need to take time to build a group or page around your targeted community, you can target potential buyers right away.

In order to create ads, you have to be a little careful while doing this as your ad cannot be doing fake promises to your customers and of course, your ad has to have a disclosure. I have seen people making mistakes in order to promote their affiliate links via Facebook ads. People promote Flipkart, amazon affiliate links on Facebook whereas it is totally against Flipkart & amazon policy, you can’t promote Flipkart, Amazon affiliate links on Facebook. So, yeah you have to be quite careful.

Facebook ads can be proved a really good asset but you have to be really creative while making any ad and yes this can be costly but once you created a good ad then you can create a great conversion rate through this.

Benefits of promoting affiliate links on Facebook ads

  • Easy and simple
  • Time-saving
  • Focuses targeted audience
  • Create a good conversion rate and clicks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth promoting my affiliate links on Facebook?

Affiliate marketing is all about getting more clicks and conversion rates so and Facebook is the place where you can promote your affiliate links and generate more conversion rates so I am seeing that it is more than worth promoting your affiliate links on Facebook.

Should I promote affiliate links on Facebook?

According to me, Facebook is really a great platform if it is used inappropriate manner, but if you are just thinking to spam your links everywhere then there is no use of it, whereas if you take time to build a community and ten promote your products in indirectly way then you can easily promote your product and earn a really good amount. so, yes you should definitely promote your affiliate links on Facebook.

Are Facebook ads costly?

Well, obviously Facebook ad will cost you money but I guess every penny you invest in this gonna worth it, and after all, it will focus on your targeted audience which will generate a conversion rate.

Wrapping up

We are so glad to see you at the end of the post, it means you read our whole article. Affiliate marketing is not that hard if you just made up your mind, all you have to watch the opportunities to promote your affiliate links and Facebook is proving you all the opportunities to promote your affiliate links, but it is not as easy as it looks.

You may know about Facebook but you may not know about how you can promote your affiliate links on Facebook, considering this fact in our mind we wrote this article to help people like you. We hope you liked this article and it helped you to know about promoting your affiliate links on Facebook.

If you liked this article then do not forget to share this with your family and friends and if you have any queries related to this post you can simply comment that down we will surely try to solve that.

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