SBI Paywave / Paypass International Debit Card

Are you confused about SBI Paywave International Debit Card or SBI Paypass International Debit card, then let me tell you that these are the sbiINTOUCH and GO Debit Card that comes with contactless technology to make payment on the go?

Contactless cards are cards where you don’t need to enter and pin or even don’t need to give your card to swipe,  but this feature is only available for a limited amount of money. So if you see a contactless symbol in any of the merchants then you can make your purchase easily and securely with this technology.

So now let’s talk in detail about the SBI Paywave International Debit Card, its features, charges, and international usage details.

SBI Paywave International Debit Card

sbi paywave international debit card sample
SBI Paywave International Debit Card Sample

SBI Paywave international debit card is actually the sbiINTOUCH Tap and Go debit card. It is one of the best international debit cards in India which has a contactless payment system to help you speed up your work and pay without entering your pin or even giving your card.

To make the payment you just need to wave your paywave card over the POS terminal and your payment will be made instantly. This process uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Key features of SBI Paywave International Debit Card:

  • Easy Payment option.
  • Easy options to use internationally.
  • Easily change the limit for international usage.
  • On and Off contactless payment in a single click.
  • Can also be used as a normal ATM Card, and for swiping.
  • You can easily use it with Paypal, Google play, ad various other services without any issue.

Benefits of SBI Paywave/Paypass International Debit Card

If you are looking for the benefits of the Paywave Internal Debit Card then where are some of the benefits which you might find interesting.

  • Get 50 Freedom points as a bonus on your first 3 transactions transition.
  • Get 1 Freedom point on every transaction of 200 rupees.
  • Contactless transactions can be made internationally also so no need to have a different card while going abroad.
  • You can also use your mobile to make payments in case you forget to bring your card with you.
  • You can use this card for both contactless and standard payment methods and even you can use it as an ATM card to withdraw money from your account.

How to use SBI Paywave International Debit Card

So if you are new to this NFC-based contactless technique then it’s common that we all want to know how to use it and take advantage of such new technologies.

How to usesbi paywave international debit card
How to use SBI Paywave International Debit Card
  1. For NFC to work it’s important that the merchant has a POS machine that supports contactless debit card transactions. You will find a contactless logo at the store and on the outlet if they are accepting it.
  2. Let the retailer make a bill for you to check and verify.
  3. After you verify the bill bring your card closer or at the top of the POS machine.
  4. The machine will detect the card and your transaction will be made and you will see a green light on the machine which means that your transaction is successful. Now seller will provide you with the bill and you are good to go.

Just remember that the maximum limit of the SBI Paywave International Debit Card is 2000 rupees. So if you’re transaction is over 2000 rupees then you won’t be able to make contactless payment and you need to swipe and enter your PIN manually.

Daily Transaction & Withdrawal Limit

sbiINTOUCH Tap & Go debit card Domestic Usage International Usage
Daily Cash Withdrawals at ATM Rs. 100 to Rs. 40,000 A maximum of INR 40,000 per day or its currency equivalent for foreign usage.
Daily Point of Sales/Online Transaction Limit Up to Rs. 75,000 PoS Transaction Limit: Maximum of Rs. 75,000 or its foreign currency equivalent from country to country.

Online Transaction Limit: Up to Rs. 50,000, or its foreign currency equivalent. (Only trusted merchants allowed internationally)

Contactless Transaction Up to Rs 2000 in a single transaction with 5 transactions per day. Contactless Transaction Limit (Only on POS): You can use up to 2000 INR limit worldwide depending on the exchange rates. With a limit of 5 total number of transactions daily.

SBI Paywave International Debit Card Charges

In the case of the SBI paywave international debit card visa, you will be charged Rs. 150 on yearly basis for the debit card service. Other than that there are no charges for joining the card, or for insurance. There is also no kind of hidden charges.

If you lost your card then you will be charged Rs. 200 + GST for providing you with a new replacement card. For more details for charges and limits refer to the table given below.

Joining Fees Nil
Issuance Fees Nil
Annual Charges Rs. 150
Daily cash withdrawal limit Rs. 40,000
Daily purchase limit Rs. 75,000
Card replacement fee Rs. 200 + GST

SBI Paypass International Debit Card Charges

SBI paypass international debit card MasterCard charges are the same as that of paywave visa card. So you will be only charged 150 INR yearly for the services, other than that there are no other charges.

For the complete list of charges and transaction limits, check the table given below.

Joining Fees Nil
Issuance Fees Nil
Annual Charges Rs. 150 + GST
Daily cash withdrawal limit Rs. 40,000
Daily purchase limit Rs. 75,000
Card replacement fee Rs. 200 + GST

Note: 18% GST is applicable on replacement and annual charges.

Risk of using Paywave Debit Card

Each of the debit cards has some risk involved in using them and so is with this SBI paywave/paypass international debit card. So let’s get to it and know it.

  • If your card got lost or stolen then being a contactless card, anyone can make payment using your card without the need of a PIN or OTP.
  • There is a limit of 5 transactions daily and a maximum limit of 2000 INR per transaction. So fraudsters can use up to 10k amount if your card got stolen.

Other than this the card has no other risk, and to reduce or eliminate this risk you can switch off the contactless transaction whenever you are not using this feature, or also you can reduce the limit per transaction.

How to Apply for the Card

Applying for the SBI Paypass/Paywave International debit card is easy, you can fill out an application form from the bank or you can apply it using your YONO application or net banking.

You can view this official link from SBI for more information about this card.

Eligibility for Applying Paypass or Paywave Debit Card

Any one can apply for the SBI paywave international debit card or for SBI paypass international debit card as long as the all the criteria given below are fulfilled:

  • You need to have an savings/current account with SBI.
  • You need to have completed your KYC details
  • You must have minimum balance in your account while applying.
  • You must be 18 years old or need to have a joint account with parent/guardian.

If you fulful all the criteria given above than you can easily apply for the debit card.

SBI Paypass vs Paywave

There is no difference in both the card in terms of functionality and features. The only difference is that SBI paypass international debit card is a MasterCard whereas SBI paywave international debit card Is a Visa card. Other than that they both are similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which debit card to choose Mastercard or Visa?

If you are looking for low charges internationally then go for a MasterCard (Paypass Debit Card) and if you are looking for more availability then a Visa card (Paywave Debit Card) is accepted at almost every place. So it’s totally on your preference.

What is the maintenance charge for a paypass/paywave debit card?

The minimum maintenance charge for a paywave international debit card is INR 150 excluding tax.

What is the difference between SBI Paywave International Debit Card & SBI Paypass International Debit Card?

Both the cards are almost the same in terms of features and functions the only difference is that the Paywave debit card is a Visa Card whereas Paypass debit is a Mastercard.

Visa card is widely accepted throughout the world so that is why SBI Paywave International Debit Card is much more popular as a comparison to SBI Paypass International Debit Card. But now mostly both debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted worldwide so you can go for any of them.


So I hope that you got to know about the SBI paywave (Visa Card) / Paypass (Mastercard) International debit card and also that how useful the contactless transaction is for security and reliability. You can now make secure payments without a PIN and giving your card for swiping.

It’s one of the best debit cards if you are looking for making local and international transactions securely. We shared all things about this card and also provided you with ways to apply for the card easily.

If you still have some queries about this card then do comment below and we will help you.

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