Affiliate Type

Type: CPI

CPL Percentage: 2.3% - 3.5%

Conversion Rate: ~ 1.2%

3 Months EPC: ₹0.52

Affiliate Countries


Quick Overview of Vedantu CPI-Android Affiliate Program

Vedantu mobile application is one of the best mobile learning applications in India. Vedantu mobile application is the best platform to learn and earn for students and professionals. It gives you the facility to learn and make. Vedantu provides an affiliate program where you can earn commissions by promoting its products on your website. Suppose you are running an eCommerce website or blog, and you want to start selling mobile applications with discounts and deals offers on various applications of your choice. In that case, the Vedantu affiliate program will be the best deal for you.

Vedantu app is famous for its good education services and remarkable affordability. Vedantu provides a tremendous educational experience with high-quality educational videos through its mobile application. Vedantu offers an opportunity to learn for researchers, students, journalists, etc.

Vedantu mobile application offers the best app for learning and earning through an affiliate program. Vedantu offers a great affiliate program where you can earn from every sale of the product through your website or blog by promoting it. Vedantu has a great product range, with amazing discounts and deals offered on its products, so I think it is the best place to promote its products through your site, website.

Country: India

Category: Education

Accepted Domains From Vedantu CPI-Android
Category Payout

Install + Once for a user for LIVE MC adoption

Rs. 12.25 / Install

Install and Register

Rs. 0.00 / Install