Affiliate Type

Type: CPS

CPL Percentage: 12% - 15%

Conversion Rate: ~ 2.5%

3 Months EPC: ₹3.2

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Quick Overview of ThePostBox Affiliate Program

ThePostBox is a popular eCommerce store that sells clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes. ThePostBox offers an affiliate program where you can earn money by promoting this store online. If you want to promote ThePostBox on your website, blog, or social media pages and want to make some extra income from the affiliate program, sign up with ThePostBox and start generating commissions from the affiliate program.

ThePostBox affiliate program is free to join and has an excellent commission structure. ThePostBox affiliate program gives you an option to promote its products through banner ads, text links, emails, and other marketing channels. Once you set up the marketing channels, the company will start sending you traffic, and once someone makes a purchase using your link, you will get paid. Sign up with ThePostBox affiliate program today!

The affiliate program of ThePostBox allows you to earn money through various ways, such as buying sales, promoting sales, buy now, and referring. These are the multiple ways in which you can generate income through this affiliate program. You can refer anyone to ThePostBox for any of its products or services, and you will get paid if that person buys something from ThePostBox.

Country: India

Category: Fashion, Other

Accepted Domains From ThePostBox
Domain Program Approval Open
Category Payout


Rs. 75.00 / Sale