Affiliate Type

Type: CPI

CPL Percentage: 2.3% - 3.2%

Conversion Rate: ~ 0.45%

3 Months EPC: ₹0.75

Affiliate Countries


Quick Overview of Paytm First Games Affiliate Program

Paytm First Games allows users to play their favorite games online and lets them keep their earnings through Cash via Paytm Wallet. Over 50 games to choose from on the site, which offers more than 50 paid games. The website is very user-friendly and is easy for new users to get started. We have been making affiliate income from this site for a while now and have been earning more money. All you have to do is share a link from your website and start making money.

If you bring in 1 user to play games on Paytm First Games, you will make about Rs. 2.5- Rs. 3 per game. If the user does not complete their game and uses Paytm Wallet for payment, you make nothing! So users must cover their game to the end for this site to be profitable for you.

Country: India

Category: Other

Accepted Domains From Paytm First Games
Category Payout

Install + deposit

Rs. 6.00 / Install


Rs. 0.00 / Install