Affiliate Type

Type: CPS

CPL Percentage: 1% - 3%

Conversion Rate: ~ 2%

3 Months EPC: ₹10

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Quick Overview of OYO Hotels Affiliate Program

Oyo is one of the largest hotel booking websites in India and has a great affiliate program that pays you for each sale that you make. You can promote the products of Oyo on your website/blog to make money by referring customers to Oyo websites.

The hotel industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. You can earn money by promoting OYO Hotels as your trusted hotel website on your blog or website. Their affiliate program is one of the simplest and you do not need any prior experience to join their affiliate program.

Their affiliate program is easy to join and there is no technical or marketing expertise required. Their affiliate program is very simple and easy to join. With our OYO Hotel affiliate program, you can refer your readers to a trusted hotel website. You can also earn additional commission by promoting other hotels through our OYO affiliate links, so anyone can join the affiliate program.

Country: India

Category: Other

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