Affiliate Type

Type: CPS

CPL Percentage: 3.50% - 5.25%

Conversion Rate: ~ 0.64%

3 Months EPC: ₹0.58

Affiliate Countries


Quick Overview of MiniInTheBox Affiliate Program

MiniInTheBox is a well-known online marketplace globally that sells various consumer products from cell phones to watches, clothing to sport accessories, and computer parts. The MiniInTheBox affiliate program allows you to earn a significant income by promoting your choice of these products online. MiniInTheBox affiliate program works with a straightforward sign-up process that takes just a few minutes to complete. You also have the option of applying for affiliate status with MiniInTheBox by signing up as an individual or as a business.

Sign up with the MiniInTheBox affiliate program and get an ongoing revenue stream from promoting products on your website, blog, or social media profile. You can use the MiniInTheBox affiliate program to promote products across the online marketplace by setting up special offers for your particular niche. Distribute these offers on your blog, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When customers click through the affiliate link and complete a purchase through the MiniInTheBox site, they will earn a commission. Also, you can make money by joining the MiniInTheBox affiliate program and getting commissions for referring new customers.

Country: Global

Category: Fashion, Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Other

Accepted Domains From MiniInTheBox
Domain Program Approval Open
Category Payout

Cases & Covers

3.50% - 5.20% / Sale

Mobile Phone Accessories

2.35% - 4.75% / Sale

Jewelr & Watches

3.11% - 5.12% / Sale

Pets, Toys & Hobbies

3.50% - 5.20% / Sale

Men's Fashion and Women's Fashion

3.15% - 5.47% / Sale

Baby & Kids

2.35% - 4.75% / Sale


4.50% - 5.40% / Sale

LED & Lighting Accessories

3.50% - 5.20% / Sale

Home & Kitchen

2.35% - 4.75% / Sale

Health & Beauty

3.36% - 5.42% / Sale