Affiliate Type

Type: CPS

CPL Percentage: 5.3% - 7.2%

Conversion Rate: ~ 1.57%

3 Months EPC: ₹0.85

Affiliate Countries


Quick Overview of Khelmart Affiliate Program

Khelmart is an online shopping website that offers a wide range of products at very affordable prices. You can enter into this affiliate program and start earning money by promoting Khelmart and its products online. This affiliate program of Khelmart will help you market and promote the products on your website and make money through your affiliate links for every sale that you make or sale that your referral makes through your links.

Khelmart rewards its affiliates with up to 6% of the total product price towards the Affiliate Commission. Also, the Affiliate Commission is on first-hand sale only. You can refer your friends and family members to purchase products through your links, and you will get 6% on the total price of first-hand sales.

You should join this affiliate program because you will be able to promote the products on your website and make money through affiliate links. Another reason why you should join this affiliate program is that it has a sound referral system and good benefits. Moreover, whenever a new product comes in, they will send you information about it and through which you can buy the product and earn the commission.

Country: India

Category: Fashion, Other

Accepted Domains From Khelmart
Domain Program Approval Open
Category Payout


5.3% - 7.2% / Sale