Affiliate Type

Type: CPS

CPL Percentage: 7.50% - 9.32

Conversion Rate: ~ 2.17%

3 Months EPC: ₹2.3

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Quick Overview of Karvy Affiliate Program

Karvy offers investors several different ways to invest in the market. Karvy Online allows you to purchase mutual funds, stocks, and other financial products online through their website. You can also trade stocks at Karvy Stock Broking. Karvy Personal Finance offers insurance products online, including life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, auto insurance, home loan, and more.

Karvy affiliate program is the best way to market your products online without spending any money on it. Anyone can be an affiliate and start promoting Karvy or other financial products of their choice on your website. This will give them a good start for their online business and allow you to cross-promote each other's products. The basic requirements for joining this affiliate program are:

The Karvy affiliate program gives you the ability to earn commissions on each sale of the products offered by the Karvy Group companies. The Karvy affiliate program allows participants to promote their products online through blogs, newsletters, emails, or social media. Both Indian and international commissions are paid based on the number of profitable referrals.

Country: India

Category: Finance

Accepted Domains From Karvy
Category Payout


Rs. 152.00 / Lead