Affiliate Type

Type: CPL

CPL Percentage: 4.5% - 6.2%

Conversion Rate: ~ 2.05%

3 Months EPC: ₹35

Affiliate Countries


Quick Overview of IDFC Affiliate Program

IDFC is one of the fastest-growing banks in India. They provide some of the best services in the banking sector, including the latest credit cards, personal loans, gold loans, balance transfer offers on credit cards, etc. This makes them one of the most trusted banks in India. IDFC Bank also provides some schemes and plans for its customers.

IDFC Affiliate Program is a free program where you can promote IDFC Bank’s products and earn a commission on the sale of their products through your website. It is an elementary program where you don’t have to have any knowledge in online marketing or any technical knowledge to enroll yourself into the affiliate program. To join this affiliate program, you need a computer connected to the Internet and an email id registered with us. You can earn money through your social media platforms by promoting their credit card offers to your followers or friends. You need to have a Facebook account to register with their affiliate program.

Country: India

Category: Finance

Accepted Domains From IDFC
Domain Program Approval Open Open Open
Category Payout

Payout Per Account Open

Rs. 350.00 / Lead