Affiliate Type

Type: CPL

CPL Percentage: 3.4% - 6.5%

Conversion Rate: ~ 1.4%

3 Months EPC: ₹2.3

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Quick Overview of HDFC Click2Protect Affiliate Program

HDFC Click2Protect is a service that provides you with a platform to generate online income. The company has a wide array of products and services, including insurance, investment, mutual funds, and investment services. The actions performed on the platform will be attributed to your account as long as you stay active by making deposits or withdrawals from it. One of the most critical features of HDFC Click2Protect is the range of services offered to customers.

HDFC Click2Protect offers an affiliate program that allows users to generate an income by referring others to the site. All that is required is registration with your username and email ID, after which you can start referring others to this site and start earning money from it.

HDFC Click2Protect affiliate program is a zero-commission service. It does not charge any maintenance fees and commissions. This makes it a preferred affiliate program for bloggers that have run out of ideas regarding earning from their blog or website. You can join this affiliate program with no hassle at all. The only thing you have to do is add links in your blog posts to the products that you are promoting and start earning from them.

Country: India

Category: Insurance & Policy

Accepted Domains From HDFC Click2Protect
Category Payout


Rs. 65.34 / Lead