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Type: CPI

CPL Percentage: 0.15% - 4.2%

Conversion Rate: ~ 0..23%

3 Months EPC: ₹2.35

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Quick Overview of Bharat Matrimony Affiliate Program

Bharat Matrimony is one of the largest marriage sites in India that offers great commissions to its affiliates. Bharat Matrimony Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by referring others to this site for their wedding services. The Bharat Matrimony affiliate program is easy to use and provides good commissions for referring customers.

Bharat Matrimony is the leading and largest alliance and matchmaking service in India. They offer matchmaking, wedding services, and many other partner-related services. Bharat Matrimony affiliate program is absolutely free to join and gives you a good commission for referring others to their site.

Bharat Matrimony is the largest online matrimony platform that caters to people looking for their perfect life partner. The affiliate program gets you into the Bharat Matrimony network and offers you an easy way of earning money by referring others to buy their wedding package. This program is easy to use, and the affiliate link has the same format as AllMarketingMixed (AMM) affiliate link.

Country: India

Category: Other

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