Affiliate Type

Type: CPS

CPL Percentage: 0.00% - 4.2%

Conversion Rate: ~ 1.28%

3 Months EPC: ₹0.42

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Quick Overview of 2Gud Affiliate Program

2GUD is supported by Flipkart's technology, financing, and margin-share guarantee model to enable partners to build their own businesses around e-commerce refurbished goods. The launch of an independent platform for refurbished goods will create greater choice and competition in the market for consumers and offer more flexibility to e-commerce retailers to offer new products at discounted prices.

The 2Gud affiliate program is free and requires no technical expertise or prior experience in the industry. It is made to build your blog, website, or social media platforms with high commissions and great earnings. If you are looking to monetize your website or blog, this is a good way to do it. 2 Guud affiliate program works for users in India.

2Gud affiliate program is completely free and easy to join. There is no technical knowledge required for this program. All you need to do is create a website, blog, or social media platform and promote the 2Gud product using our AllMarketingMixed (AMM) affiliate link. This product will be installed on your website, blog, or social media account as soon as you promote it by signing up.

Country: India

Category: Other

Accepted Domains From 2Gud
Domain Program Approval Open
Category Payout

Refurbished Mobile Phones,Refurbished Tablets,Refurbished Laptops,Refurbished Smartwatches,Refurbished Audio & Entertainment and Refurbished Power Banks

3.00% - 3.60% / Sale

Brand New Electronics

4.50% - 5.40% / Sale

Fashion & Lifestyle Categories

15.00% - 18.00% / Sale

Max Commission

Rs. 750.00 / Sale